Port Allen Cultural District

The City of Port Allen received the distinction of being named a Louisiana Cultural District by Billy Nungesser, the Lt. Governor of Louisiana and the Louisiana Office of Cultural Development. Characteristics that qualify Port Allen as a cultural district include historic places, architecture, gathering spaces, walking trails, creative community programs, art installations, parades, festivals, and eateries to name a few.

Cultural Districts delineate a hub of cultural activity while providing an exemption from local sales and use taxes for proceeds received from the sale of original, one-of-a-kind works of art within the district. This designation also allows income and corporate franchise tax credits for eligible expenses for rehabilitation of owner-occupied or revenue generating historic structures within the Cultural District.

In late October/early November the Museum will issue a Call for Artists for a new public art project. 

For more information on the Port Allen Cultural District and how it can be of benefit through tax incentives, networking, and increased property values, consider contacting the Museum with any questions.