Volunteers of the Year!

At the West Baton Rouge Museum, we love our volunteers and greatly appreciate their help. We celebrate their tremendous accomplishments by hosting our annual Volunteer Appreciation Party, and each year we present awards to a Volunteer of the Year and a Youth Volunteer of the Year. These are the helpers that have gone the extra mile to work for and with the Museum!

2022 Volunteer of the Year!2022 Volunteer of the Year

The Museum is pleased to present the Volunteer of the Year Award to Luis Interiano. Luis works at the West Baton Rouge Parish Library, and over the years he has consistently made himself available to volunteer for joint functions, as well as museum programs. Our favorite is when he emcees the events!

Luis is a special volunteer for us because he was recently appointed to the board of the West Baton Rouge Historical Association, and Luis has jumped in with both feet. He has joined the PR committee, among others, and is more in-the-know than ever. Even before he joined the board, Luis was known to share our posts on his personal Facebook page- so this was really a perfect match. These days during board meetings when we discuss upcoming events, both museum and HA related, Luis is always one of the first to volunteer.

It is for these reasons we are honored to give him this award. He always goes the extra mile, and he always seems to be working with a smile on his face. 

2022 Youth Volunteer of the Year!

2022 Youth Volunteer of the YearThe Museum is pleased to present the Youth Volunteer of the Year Award to Kahlila Bandele! Kahlila has been a volunteer with us for the last 5 years, and she is always willing to help with any event. Most notably, she is a favorite counselor for our Blast from the Past summer campers.

Kahlila is currently a senior at Baton Rouge High, and is getting ready for graduation in the spring. We don’t know what we are going to do when she leaves us, because she is someone we can always rely on to attend events and help in whatever capacity. Throughout the years she has led games at SugarFest, dressed up and volunteered for Halloween, recruited extra help for summer camp, and this year she actually learned how to play tennis with her group of campers. If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is. 

We are certainly sad to see Kahlila go next fall. Wherever she goes, however, we know she will do something great. 

How-to Volunteer

The West Baton Rouge Museum is committed to maintaining a corps of volunteers who enjoy their time spent and the duties they perform for the benefit of the Museum. If any of the volunteer descriptions on this page interest you, please contact the Museum, or fill out this form.

Volunteer Descriptions

  • Docent
    • Trains with official tour manual
    • Leads guests on guided tour of campus--including all 8 buildings
    • Remains up-to-date on rotating exhibits and video technology
  • Packaged Tour Guide
    • Is aware of various package tours offered by the Museum
    • Trains in the stations offered for each tour, eventually leading one’s own station
  • Front Desk Attendant
    • Welcomes and checks in guests
    • Comfortably uses an iPad to tender money
    • Answers phones and signs up those interested in workshops
  • Single Event Volunteer
    • Volunteers for one-time Museum events
    • Is punctual and dependable
    • Completes their received task to Museum satisfaction
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  • Summer Camp Volunteer
    • Prepares snacks and drinks
    • Acts as group leader or counselor
    • Assists camp teacher at respective stations
  • National History Day Judge
    • Judges student projects at the regional national history day fair
  • Upon Request
    • Fills sugar packets
    • Restocks sugar cart
    • Makes handmade dolls