Transitional Work Facility

Cars parked in a parking lot in front of a commercial buildingWest Baton Rouge Transitional Work Facility was constructed in 1995 and houses 262 inmates who are eligible to enter the traditional workforce.


To be eligible to enter the Transitional Work Program, an inmate must be from six months to four years prior to release from incarceration, depending on the offense of conviction. Inmates are required to work at an approved job and when not working, they must return to the structured environment of the assigned Transitional Work Facility. Transitional Work Programs are successful in assisting an offender in making the transition from prison back into the work force.

Approximately 10 to 20% of offenders remain with their employer upon release. The Transitional Work Program is also utilized as a valuable alternative for technical parole violators in lieu of returning them to prison.

Supplementing Your Work Force

We have personnel with a wide range of skills and certifications. If you or your company is interested in using Transitional Work personnel to supplement your work force, contact the Job Placement Coordinator for further information and assistance.

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