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How do I receive a 9-1-1 Address?

Address Assigning Information

In addition to maintaining a 911 system the office of 911 assigns addresses for all areas of West Baton Rouge Parish.

The following information is needed for assigning an address:

  • Name of Property Owner
  • Map or Survey of the Land where the address is to be assigned
  • Map, Parcel and/or Lot Number from the Assessor's Office

When you receive your address it is your official address, you will be given a printout of your address or it will be mailed to you. It is the address Police, Fire and EMS will use to find you in an Emergency!! This address is also your physical mailing address. This address is required to get telephone service, and any permits. It is also Parish and City Ordinance that 4 inch numbers be visible on the front of structure or on a mailbox in front of the address.


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